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Today the 20th NFF confererence starts in Turku/Åbo, Finland. The theme for the conference is ‘Business as Usual’ and I guess the same goes for this series of conferences, it’s the 20th now and counting. Unfortunately I was not able to go there, but the two papers we submitted will be presented by my co-author Tim.

Peter Zackariasson and Timothy L. Wilson (2009). Publisher Value in the Video Game Industry. The 20th Annual NFF Conference: “Business as Usual”. Turku/Åbo, Finland 19-21 August. [download pdf]

Peter Zackariasson and Timothy L. Wilson (2009). Basics in the Marketing of Video Games: The Nature of the Offering, Internal Marketing of Projects, and a Project Managers View of the Overall Process. The 20th Annual NFF Conference: “Business as Usual”. Turku/Åbo, Finland 19-21 August. [download pdf]


Last week I was contacted by the publisher Nova, based in New York. This publishing house seem to focus on gathering interesting texts and print edited books on various subjects. They had noticed some of my writing on creativity and asked if I could contribute to an anthology with the name “Creativity: Fostering, Measuring, and Context”. As it happened I actually had a finished text in the drawer. We had withdrawn the chapter Tim and I wrote for the anthology that was supposed to be published from the EU conference in Paris on creativity last year as it was decided that this was instead to be an online publication only. Things have a tendency to work themselves out, somehow.

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