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In 2007 my research group at GRI published an edited book on how risk and threats are perceived and handled in different situations, Organisering kring hot och risk. This book has now been translated to English and published.

Czarniawska, Barbara ed. (2009). Organizing in the Face of Risk and Threat. Edward Elgar Publishing.

My contribution to these two books is a chapter on the aesthetic threat.

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September 10 I’m presenting a paper at the Creative Economy and Beyond conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Peter Zackariasson and Timothy L. Wilson (2009). Playing With Video Games. Creativity Economy and Beyond. Helsinki, Finland 9-10 September.
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In this article we examine uses of video games that relate to creativity in use.   Both those that limit themselves within the design of the game and those that transgress the intentions of the game are explored.  We categorize the use of video games in two different dimensions: game play and design, which give us four different play categories to discuss – ecological, exploitive, extension, and extrovert.  Each has its opportunities to exercise a certain degree of creativity, which of course adds to the enjoyment of gamers.

This research was funded by:

Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.

I am an associate professor at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, also affiliated with Gothenburg Research Institute. I have written numerous articles and chapters on organization, leadership and marketing. Mostly these are about the video game industry. You can contact me at