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This week Ulf Sandqvist and I will be presenting a paper on the IR11.0 conference in Gothenburg. It’s the first time either of us will be presenting at that conference. But, plenty of interesting papers and people. Should be fun!

Ulf Sandqvist and Peter Zackariasson (2010). The Dematerialisation and Democratisation of Currencies: a historical description of currencies and how the physical has been replaced with the virtual. Internet Research 11.0, 21-23 October, Gothenburg Sweden.


Most of us who are participating in virtual worlds are familiar with the economics of these worlds. Selling and buying what we need in order to sustain out virtual presence is a part of the daily life. As participants, and sometimes as trolls or elves, money and barter has been ascribed a significant part of this. The result has been that we interact with virtual marketplaces, just as we interact with every other aspect of our virtual lives. As most of the actions in the real world are economised, the tendency to evaluate relationships and objects from an economic perspective, the threshold to adapt to a virtual market is quite low. Just like many other structures we find in the real world, economy seems to make sense to us and are many times taken for granted.

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