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Next week I am presenting at a European Science Foundation workshop in Leuven, Begium. The workshop is called Consuming the Illegal: Situating Digital Piracy in Everyday Experience. “There has been a tendency in academic work on piracy to view piracy as a product of existing contexts (e.g. legislative, criminal, behavioural, business and so forth) rather than focusing on piracy as a practice and adopting a bottom up approach. Little work has yet approached piracy from an ethically neutral perspective and explored it through established literatures on routine consumption, everyday practice, and consumer engagement with cultural media. Instead it has adopted a priori assumptions that consumers of pirated goods are „deviant‟, „unethical‟ or demonstrate consumer „misbehaviour‟.”

The aim of my presentation is to describe how culture jamming is a method for challenging symbolic representation in public spaces. The impact of digital spaces, and participation in these, makes culture jamming a valuable counter force in the dominance of corporate interests.


Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.

I am an associate professor at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, also affiliated with Gothenburg Research Institute. I have written numerous articles and chapters on organization, leadership and marketing. Mostly these are about the video game industry. You can contact me at