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This week I am participating at the conference SCOS in Istanbul. This is actually the first time I am attending this conference, and the first time I visit Istanbul – the good things were lined up one might say. But, most importantly Alexander Styhre and I have an article that is appropriate to present in that forum.

Carry on! Understanding Creativity Through Popular Culture – this is an article I’ve been wanting to write since I saw the reality show Project Runway. This is a show about making garments, under very special conditions one might say. One very dominant aspect of that show is the concept of creativity. This article takes on the task of discussing how creativity is understood and communicated throughout the show. Here we make use of Bourdieu and argue that creativity is an outcome of relating to the field and its borders, with the criteria: art, craft and commerce.

Zackariasson, Peter and Styhre, Alexander (2011). Carry on! Understanding Creativity Through Popular Culture. SCOS, Istanbul 14-17 July.


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