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The 19th of September it’s time for the 11th International Colloquium on Nonprofit, Arts, Heritage, and Social Marketing. It is hosted by the London Metropolitan University and will most likely be a very interesting event. For this I have prepared a presentation on the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg, called: Translation, Transmission and Interaction: Making the Museum of World Culture Relevant to Local Culture. The background of this museum and its mission is very interesting in a world where the impact of museums might be shinking, although we might need the platform the most. We’ll see if the case sticks, so I can turn it into a journal publication later.


Next week I am presenting a working paper at the IMP conference in Rome. Great city and hopefyllt also a great conference. Having written on games and the games industry this paper is an exploration into STS and how gaming technologies construct gamers.

Image from the exhibition More Than a Gaze

“In this paper I explore the development of technology in order to play video games. The different technologies that has been developed since games were first introduced has enabled different ways to interact: video game – gamer. The market of games thus have a strong influence from how games are played, what kind of technology that are used for playing. This also have effect who play, and how. In general there has been a shift from games as a way to play with computers, to use games in tinkering with a technology that were new and fascinating. As the technology reached more spaces and access increased, games were separated from technological fascination.

Today we are witnessing a gaming industry that is on par with the Hollywood video game industry. Games are accessed from most digital platforms, and accessed from most places. There has also been a change in who are playing games, from a few to a large part of those that interact with technology.

In addition, one question that is interesting in this paper is how this study could be improved in order to become closer to the performance of a market. What kind of material is needed for this and how could this be communicated.”

Would you like to be part of a research project on interactive media?

On behalf of a research project conducted at University of Gothenburg we invite you to join us in the quest of knowledge about media and interactivity. As the TV-series The Spiral is aired in the fall of 2012 we are looking for persons who are actively participating and willing to document their activities in a diary.

As you already have realized media phenomenon like The Spiral present new possibilities for interaction between those that produce and those that consume media. While doing this the relationship between producer and consumer of media change, the previous passive consumer can possibly be transformed to an active consumer. Although how this is understood, by producer and consumer of media, is still in the making.

The aim of the research project is to generate knowledge about interactive media in order to increase the quality of media and user participation. In order to succeed in this we are dependent of information for those that participate.

If you find this interesting and would like to participate, or have a question about the research project, please contact:

/Peter Zackariasson and Mats Björkin
University of Gothenburg

Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.

I am an associate professor at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, also affiliated with Gothenburg Research Institute. I have written numerous articles and chapters on organization, leadership and marketing. Mostly these are about the video game industry. You can contact me at