Would you like to be part of a research project on interactive media?

On behalf of a research project conducted at University of Gothenburg we invite you to join us in the quest of knowledge about media and interactivity. As the TV-series The Spiral is aired in the fall of 2012 we are looking for persons who are actively participating and willing to document their activities in a diary.

As you already have realized media phenomenon like The Spiral present new possibilities for interaction between those that produce and those that consume media. While doing this the relationship between producer and consumer of media change, the previous passive consumer can possibly be transformed to an active consumer. Although how this is understood, by producer and consumer of media, is still in the making.

The aim of the research project is to generate knowledge about interactive media in order to increase the quality of media and user participation. In order to succeed in this we are dependent of information for those that participate.

If you find this interesting and would like to participate, or have a question about the research project, please contact: peter.zackariasson@handels.gu.se

/Peter Zackariasson and Mats Björkin
University of Gothenburg