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Following a long time personal interest in sponsorship I am now embarking onto a new research project where I study how sponsorship are practiced. Although the field recieved much attention in the turn of the century there are today quite few empirical studies on sponsorship.

One of the field in where sponsorship has had a huge impact is motorsports. Today it would be imporrible to imagine this sports withoutout the branded colours and logotypes invading every space. There are some evidence that sponsorship has an impact on sales, or stock value. But talking to orgnizations and teams it becomes evdent that the picture is more nuansed then that. The practice of sponsorship creates a network or both private and public actors that enable interaction – for pleasure and business.

The aim of this project is to create knowledge of what sponsorship actually consist or. What do actors do when thay do sponsorship? At this point I am looking for ways into STCC, the largest actor in the Swedish motorsport scene. I hope to keep you updated with results of this study down the road.


Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.

I am an associate professor at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, also affiliated with Gothenburg Research Institute. I have written numerous articles and chapters on organization, leadership and marketing. Mostly these are about the video game industry. You can contact me at