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The second paper we’re presenting at NFF is co-authored with Ulf Dandqvist. This is another paper on the video game industry.

Abstract: The video game industry has today established itself as one of the largest entertainment industries. It is, just as the films industry, producing a product that is dependent on both artistic knowledge and business knowledge. Today the industry are suffering from a creative inability when it comes to the actual games – although it manages to find all the more creativity when it comes to finding successful business models. This paper reports on a longer study of Swedish game developers and how they find a way to distribute games in a market moving from the physical to the digital.

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Next week I am off to the 22nd Nordic Academy of Management. This year it’s located in the lovely city of Reykjavik. This year I am presenting two papers. The first one is based on my rcent studies on the Swedish Touring Car Championship and sponsorship. Just a short outline of the field and a first feel for the area.

Abstract: It is argued that cold fusion will be the next-gen in energy production. Just as sponsorship will be the next-gen in creating sales. To this date it could be argued that both of these are based on hopes of a divine intervention – something extraordinary. In this study of the Swedish Touring Car Championship I am mapping out the actors that have made themselves part of the practice. It is clear from this that there are some truth in claiming the uncontested efficiency of sponsorship, but any sponsorship that stand a chance for success is long term commitment and a business relationship. In the case of STCC this long term sponsorship has contributed to a normalised branded space, just as in any other motorsport.

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