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Tim and I are happy to announce that Routledge has agreed to a contract on a future book on marketing aspects of video game development. The aim of this book is to provide reference material for those 1) studying to be part of the video games industry, those 2) starting up in the video game industry, and those 3) strengthening their position in this industry. By offering a marketing perspective based on a vast array of research and experience in education, this book’s aim is to communicate how this knowledge affects the video game industry specifically. Through communicating the basics of marketing and how this can be applied in video game development, this book will unleash the potential in video games to reach a wide audience and appeal.

We’re looking forward to present the book to you in 2015!


Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.

I am an associate professor at University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, also affiliated with Gothenburg Research Institute. I have written numerous articles and chapters on organization, leadership and marketing. Mostly these are about the video game industry. You can contact me at