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The day after the art’s colloquium next week I’m off to London to present yet another paper. This time it’s on product and brand placement in movies. The venue is the 19th Academic Design Management Conference as the argument in this paper is that the exposure of products and brands in popular media shapes our understanding of a product, symbolical associations strengthen visual design.

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Next week I’m off to Birmingham and the 13th of the lovely International Colloquium on Arts, Heritage, Non-Profit and Social Marketing. This year I am presenting a study of the Swedish Heavy Metal group Mustasch and the production of performing music.

The aim of this article is to explore music performances as part of market making practices (e.g. Callon, 1998; Callon et al., 2007; Cochoy, 2008, 2010). These approaches applid in science studies has had a major impact on social sciences in redefining the meaning of social construction and practices. The impact on market studies has been to retrace the subject, from a study of abstract marketing principles, to market actions – toward what actors and what actions define a market. ANT’s concept of a network is that this is not something persistent that exist ‘out there’, but rather a conceptual metaphor for understanding actors and relationship between these (Latour, 2005). A network is thus always in the becoming, is always being constructed. This is an effect of that ANT “treats everything in the social and natural world as a continuously generated effect of the web of relations within which they are located.” (Law, 2009, 141). Read the rest of this entry »

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