books_Winter_Season_MailchimpAs part of my academic profession I offer consulting services in marketing related areas. Having a long experience from research in marketing has given me knowledge that is of great importance for generating a successful business. Working from practical business problems and the latest research in that area gives me the unique possibility to offer an insightful and research-based service. Below are some examples of areas where I can be of service:

Business plan/Marketing plan – are you starting a new business, or revising your existing one? With the help of a realistic and sound business plan you will have a much greater possibility of making your business succeed.

Product development – what products are you developing and for who? Having a focused product development where the intended user is included in product development is essential in order to build a consumer base.

Social media – you feel lost in the jungle of social media? Today there are many different ways to communicate with consumers, a maze of mouse-to-mouse communication. Don’t worry, I have a detailed map and reliable compass.

Internal training – do your company need to gain more knowledge within a specific area ni marketing? As knowledge change in many areas in marketing there is always a need to keep up and apply these in practice.

Public presentations – do you need someone to communicate marketing aspects to a wider audience? Knowledge based on research, practice or your company? I have a long experience of communication – academic, educational or entertaining.

Please contact me for more information about my services:
Phone: +46 707 197171

“Peters scientific perspective gave us new insights on our processes, which brought our work to a higher level.”
– Adrian Hedström, GU Holding

“Peter has been very helpful in providing accurate and helpful information about game consumers.”
– Peter Adamsson, Sandart & Partners Advokatbyrå


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